Are You Aware Of These Clogged Arteries Symptoms?

Published: 23rd October 2008
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The most regular cause of clogged arteries is called atherosclerosis. It occurs as a course when plaque resides in inner lining of the artery. This plague is in fact made of fat, cholesterol, fibrin, cellular waste products and calcium deposits. The more plaque remains, the more it gets thickens. Over the time, it would get hardened, slim the artery, trouble the normal flow as well as also stop of oxygen-rich blood to the other organs as well as parts of our body.

When the clogged arteries stop the blood to flow liberally to heart muscle, you must be feeling some of these clogged arteries symptoms:

• Chest distress in center area like tightness, numbness, heaviness, aching, fullness, pressure, burning, or squeezing. It comes as well as goes with duration of more than few minutes.

• Discomfort or pain on area closed to heart like the arms, back, left shoulder, jaw or neck.

• Rapid unequal heart beats or shortness of breath.

• Dizziness, light-headedness.

• Sweating or cold sweat.

• Anxiety or extreme weakness.

• Fullness or choking feeling.

• Vomiting or nausea.

Women rarely feel the discomfort of chest as the men do. They regularly get different clogged arteries symptoms like sleep disturbances, indigestion, unusual fatigue, anxiety and shortness of breath. When flowing of blood to the heart muscle is totally blocked, heart attack can occur. Without instant treatment, it may lead to severe problems or even death.

The clogged arteries symptoms that cause a stroke:

• Numbness or weakness.

• Not able to move one side of the body like the arm, face or leg.

• Loss of balance while walking.

• Difficulty to speak usually, understand.

• Difficulty in swallowing.

• Loss of consciousness.

• Dizziness

• Severe headache.

If you have some of these clogged arteries symptoms, then you should go asking for an advice from your doctor immediately, otherwise your condition can get worse. One of natural ways that can help you dealing with this issue is systemic enzyme such as vitalzym or vitalzymx, especially if you have an acute or chronic condition. But make sure you know every detail that you should know before consuming it.

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